Description: Federated Single Sign-On & Remote Authentication
Description: Entrepreneur, Technical Writer, Researcher. Helping people embrace life's opportunities.™
Location: Texas
About: I am an entrepreneur, small business owner, author, and researcher. I am also working on an open source project called Neuhub.

I am posting from Hubzilla with Neuhub via ActivityPub.
Description: This is a forum created for testing purposes. It supports the Zot and ActivityPub protocols, as well as OpenWebAuth.
About: This forum is specifically for testing. Developers, members, and others can use this forum for testing purposes. You can test posting via Zot or ActivityPub protocols. It also supports OpenWebAuth (rlogin).

Zot protocol - A communications protocol used by Hubzilla, Streams, and their forks.
ActivityPub protocol - A communications protocol widely used in the fediverse.
OpenWebAuth - A remote authentication protocol that allows you to use your fediverse account on other websites.

Note: This forum does not support the Nomad protocol used in Streams, however, Streams is compatible with the Zot protocol that Hubzilla uses.
Description: Discussions related to remote authentication, magic login, nomadic identities, cloning accounts, account recovery, and two-factor authentication (2FA).
Description: Discussions related to customizing Hubzilla, altering the UI, and creating templates & themes.
About: A discussion board on Complete Hosting Guide.

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