Creating New Widgets

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By Scott M. Stolz, et al.

Class Based Widget

To create a class-based widget named 'slugfish' create a file with the following contents:


namespace Zotlabs\Widget;

class Slugfish {

function widget($args) {

... widget code goes here.
... The function returns a string which is the HTML content of the widget.
... $args is a named array which is passed any [var] variables from the layout editor
... For instance [widget=slugfish][var=count]3[/var][/widget] will populate $args with
... [ 'count' => 3 ]


The resultant file may be placed in widget/Slugfish/Slugfish.php or Zotlabs/SiteWidgets/Slugfish.php. It also may be linked from a git repository using util/add_widget_repo.

Traditional Function Based Widget

If you want a widget named 'slugfish', create widget/widget_slugfish.php containing:


function widget_slugfish($args) {

.. widget code goes here. See above information for class-based widgets for details.


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Creating New Widgets

in Hubzilla

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